Day 34: Your presence in heaven to me

May 17, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hello brothers and sisters. We are coming into the final stretch of this fast. I trust that you’re drawing near to God and God is drawing near to you. Just singing that song, listening to that song, “your presence is heaven to me” today, just yearning, desiring, drawing near to the presence. Really that is what fasting is all about. But I want to go back to the day before the fast began. My friend Chris Berglund who has been my prophetic, unbelievable prophet to me. He had a dream in which he saw the numbers 1944. It was an acrostic to this dream and I don’t recall what those acrostics were, but he knew in the dream that it was Luke 19:44 and this is Luke 19:44. Speaking of Jesus entering into Jerusalem, the triumphal entry. They cry, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” It’s a prefiguring of the day when Jesus himself, Yeshua, will come to Jerusalem. And the Jews will say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” But here Jesus weeps over Jerusalem. And he has wept for 1700 years or whatever, since the Jewish people did not received their messiah. They are scattered in the diaspora. They are coming back home, and we are praying in this fasting time that their heart of stone will now begin to be heart of flesh, because God is sending His spirit. He says this in verse 44, Luke 19:44, “he speaks of the judgments on Jerusalem, and then he says, “Because you did not know the time of your visitation.” In the dream the acrostic had to do with eye salve and limitless eye salve for the ecclesia. And he knew in the dream that it was an assignment that we would pray that the Jewish people would not miss the day of their visitation. I feel were in this kind of day. I feel we are in this amazing time. Everyone senses it, that we are in a day of visitation, all over the world. And in particular we’re believing for the visitation of Yeshua upon the Jewish peoples. But in the dream he also knew there was significance, and the assignment had to do with the season between 1944 and 1948. I can’t tell you how intense I found myself groaning yesterday, the seasons of 1944 to 1948 was in the times when Truman became president. This is the times when the atomic bomb was dropped. This was in the times that the insurgence in Israel began to rise up against the British rule over Palestine. This was the days of the build up to Israel becoming a nation. And I just can’t help but thinking it was also in the days of atomic power through prayer and fasting. 1944 is when they begin fasting in San Diego. The book is written in 1946, the build up to 1948, ‘49, Billy Graham , Israel becomes a nation, and I’ve found myself groaning, we are in those days again. And if so, we are in the days of a build up to the healing revivals, like maybe weve never seen, similar to ‘48, ‘49, ‘47. We are in the days of a great build up to something great in Israel. And in this dream I just find myself longing that I would not miss the days of our visitation. He’s coming. There’s fastings, waitings, longings. The bride is longing for her bridegroom. Something is going on with Israel, a great build up right now. Governmental upheaval is taking place right now. Antisemitism worldwide. But here we are in these days, and I don’t believe this fast is just for this fast right now. I believe it’s a build-up. Oh would you catch us all. We are in the days of Reece Howells when his bible school was praying for the ‘48 decision of the UN, giving Israel their homeland. Do you see it? Were in a season not just a moment. A season, the Luke 4:18 build up that is going on in Kansas City. My own encounters here over the last 30 days with Mike Bickle and others, the 22nd anniversary of day and night prayer. Oh my brothers and sisters, lets tune our hearts with fastings, yearnings, desirings, to know the times and the seasons. I feel we are in the birth canal of something glorious. Oh make my soul a womb for the coming of Christ, in His glory and in the great awakenings, in Jesus name.





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