Day 35: Revelation 3

May 18, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Once again brothers and sisters, I’m pretty gripped today concerning a dream that actually was catalytic in MB 40 day fast from March 1 through April 9th. And part of what gripped him was a dream that my friend Chris Berglund had, and in the dream, Mike and I were in a golden chariot flying and in the dream, Bob Jones was sitting in the back of the chariot and he was smiling. And in the dream, a golden envelope was being given to Mike. Well it’s a very interesting dream and actually Mike felt, as he shared the beginning of his fast, that this dream along with another encounter was very significant for him, and it was about revelations chapter 3. That the Laodecian spirit, that is between lukewarm, I would that you were hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth. The whole passage is about buying gold refined by fire. He is knocking on our door so we can dine with Him in the highest dimensions of intimacy. I feel like I’m in those days during this fast. And I’m even wondering if that chariot is the two fasts that Mike and I have been on.  His fast from March 1 to April 9th and our fast right up to Pentecost maybe we are flying in a chariot and we are receiving this golden letter, and he taught almost the whole fast on Revelations 3, purify our hearts from things that keep us from burning, to deliver us from a culture of a Laodicean spirit. What keeps us from burning bright> the dullness of our souls. Luke warmness. I believe that is part of the golden letter that is coming. During the fast we are refined with fire. That fire burns out the chaff and that causes us to long for heavenly realities. This is why the bride will fast when He is gone, because she longs for Him and she must know Him according to the spirit. Fasting is to help us know Yeshua according to the Spirit he said to the disciples. When I’m here you won’t fast because you’ve got me flesh and blood, but when I go, the bride is going to fast and she is going to long for me and know me according to the Spirit because fasting opens up the spiritual wells of the soul. I think we are in that chariot right now, but not just that. Why is Bob Jones in the chariot? I can’t tell you, I’m finding myself longing to read Mike Bickle’s history. A book was given to me, “The life and legacy of Pat Bickle, the history of the Kansas City prophets” by a man named Daniel Falls. I’m not sure that it is a biography that Mike has put his stamp on but the first chapter, is about Truman. And it’s just like, out of nowhere is Truman. I just visited Truman’s house, Truman is the guy, the President, who because President out of nowhere. The most unlikely guy, and yet, he is the guy that drops the bomb, as controversial as that was, that is where the book came from, “atomic power through prayer and fasting” and Truman is the guy who moves the United Nations to give Israel a homeland and make it its own state. I feel we are in these days. Bob Jones prophecies, the Truman property with Mike Bickle. The prophesies about a man that would love Israel, and the song birds would sing day and night. And they would raise up a 100 million intercessors for Israel. Again what I’m saying is I feel like I can’t get enough of this during this fast. Because I feel as an intercessor I feel responsible to steward and pray and bring forth Mike’s prophecies. I don’t know what’s going on. I find myself with a great love for this man and for the movement of IHOP. I want to just say, lets open our hearts. Could we be in a new stage of the birth canal? The procession from Blue Ridge to Arrowhead stadium. Oh, brothers and sisters join me in prayer. Father, I want to thank you that you do not fasten our soul to a dead end vision we thank you that the prophetic words came, and oh those words have been tested and tried. And today a people stand day and night, holding fast this word. We pray with groanings, give birth to the days of Reece Howells intercessor. When Israel became a nation. Give birth to the days of atomic power through prayer and fasting, the Luke 4:18 manifestations of signs and wonders and words of knowledge would break forth in the earth even greater than the healing revivals. Oh lord bring forth the prophesises of Truman, the prophecies when Israel, something new and fresh, the salvation of the Jews. Of god would you raise up 100 million intercessors for Israel, oh God we are groaning in these days, we want to know yoru times and seasons, and lik edamiel set our face to see the fullfillment of the unrolling of the scroll of the last days, come, Maranatha, come Lord Jesus. Father, I bless those in this fast. Lord, no matter what little their fast is, or how awesome, catch them in to the yearning for Your presence. I bless them in Jesus name, Amen





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