Day 40: Let us catch this moment

May 23, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hello brothers and sisters. Wow, it’s the final day of the fast. I just got a text recently from a man in Canada. 35 days on water and a little brown water, you know what that is with a little cream. However you’ve done the fast, I believe this fast is moving heaven. We just got a testimony form a guy, a dear brother in Galilee, and he’s saying, “We are receiving phone calls. Jewish people having visitations. People are being baptized. I can’t even keep up with the messaging.” Something is going on, you can just feel it. I’ve been on, because of this Yeshua fast that we’ve called. 

Worldwide networks of watchmen on the walls are connecting with me, and it’s like something has happened to release this sound of this global ‘Ruth’ call, “Your people will be my people.” It’s stunning to me that at the time we’ve released this Ruth call, is when all this is taking place in Israel with the rockets. So the media is launching massive propaganda. Massive fake news, pointing the finger at the atrocities of Israel. And it’s provoking world-wide anti-Semitism. Just look at the media, we see what’s happening, at the same time we’ve said, we are releasing Ruth’s vow as a weapon to restrain anti-Semitism. This is none other than a conflict in the heavens and it’s being manifested in the war that’s going on there. 

We are in a Daniel moment, where I believe arch angels are actually engaging in the heavens. It’s like Daniel’s fast, something huge is shifting. My friend Chris Berglund has this dream which I’ve already shared, that we are now in the times of 1944 to 1948. That means we are in the times of Reece Howell’s prayers for Israel to become a nation. We are in the times of Billy Graham and massive evangelism beginning to break out. We’re in the times when ‘Atomic Power Through Prayer and Fasting’ was taking place to release great salvation to the earth, Great Latter rain outpourings, And the restoration of the land. We are in Truman times, in the time of the atomic bomb. This is what we are doing, we are releasing atomic power in the heavens, so the veil can be ripped. 

Oh, brothers and sisters, let us catch and be stunned by the moment in which we are in. And by the way on this last day of the fast, it doesn’t stop here, I believe we are in the season of 44’ to 48’, epic eras, epic times. Mike Bickle unveils to me Daniel chapter 11 and 12, and suddenly stand up and shouts, “This is your 21st day!” Its awakening. And now I’m preaching this, I just share it with this major world-wide network. That I’m realizing now that what is happening to me, is what we’re praying will happen all over the world. And people that are praying for this are being encouraged by my own spiritual awakening to Israel. I’m just shocked by it, that what has happened to me is like, He is awakening to the Jewish people, through prophetic revelation. I’m having this similar awakening like Peter to the gentiles. I’m having a similar awakening to the Jewish people, and it’s giving people encouragement all over the world. That what is happening in me is actually happening all over the globe. And Stuart greaves of IHOP said to me, “Lou, you know what’s going on? Remember your encounter in 1996 in that 40 day fast where you heard the audible voice of god say, “Stretch forth a wakening rod all over the earth. Will you do that?” He said, Lou this is what you are doing. You are stretching a wakening rod over the Jewish people for their salvation as the fasting and prayers are ripping the veil, its releasing an awakening. But the other rod you are releasing is actually an awakening rod to the Church worldwide, the global Ruth church, that she would see what she couldn’t see and she would begin to cry out “Your people will be my people” Do you get it? Something in this fast is a huge worldwide shift to the church. Ruth’s call and a worldwide awakening to the Jewish peoples. 

On this final day, I want to encourage you, I believe what we have been a part of, only heaven will record. The massive spiritual battle that is making massive shifts, I believe over the whole earth. 

On Shavuot, we loose that global proclamation to the ends of the earth, “Your people will be my people.” I can feel the shock waves going on in this. As you know, I’ve shared this if you’ve followed me at all, how the Lord has put on my heart this word “Next year in Jerusalem” I could see myself and maybe thousands coming to Jerusalem next year, for celebrating Pentecost as the diaspora Jews would say, “Next year in Jerusalem!”

Well, I feel that that statement could galvanize the whole world, that next year, and I’m launching it right now at the end of this 40 day fast, that next year I want us to prepare for a massive global fasting season between Pentecost and Passover for Jerusalem. What if the whole world fasting, were now focused on Jerusalem? The coming of Yeshua the King, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, that there will be, uh, I don’t know what it all looks like, but I can feel it. And every time I bring this up, people said, “I’m there.” It’s like it awakens their heart, it’s like “I’ve got to be there”. Could we believe for this next year in Jerusalem? I shared this word and I went into IHOP and as I go in, the worship leader is singing and I’m asking the Lord, “What about next year in Jerusalem?” He begins singing “what about next year in Jerusalem?” I guess he had heard a message of mine. It shook me, and I knew the Lord was saying, God was asking me, Lou, what about next year in Jerusalem? 

So we are not ending a 40 day fast today, we are inaugurating a year, focusing on the salvation of the Jews, on Jerusalem, worldwide awakening to the Jewish peoples, leading to the great harvest of the earth. Can I just say this? I believe Chris Berglund’s dream that stirred up Mike Bickle to teach on John 13-17, as the greatest sermon ever told by Jesus, in preparation for The SEND in the stadium next year. In the dream, Mike Bickle and I were in a chariot together receiving a golden envelope, a message. He has a vision of the 3rd day, an open vision, only the second in his life, what god spoke to his, is that he was to release this great message of john 13 through 17. It’s called the upperoom discourse. He’s going to be teaching on it all year, I believe it is a message to prepare us for The SEND next year. Because in the dream Bob Jones was sitting in the back smiling. This is what I believe, I believe the chariot has been his 40 day fast, and our 40 day fast leading to this time. I believe a message has been released to Mike Bickle through an open vision. It’s the preparation of the heart. In the dream we had to get this message to The SEND guys, The SEND leaders, and to the stadium. Can I tell you oh brothers and sisters, can we give this next year, praying for The SEND, that some major message from heaven would be unleashed? Actually I believe that my part in the chariot, is that I am to begin to carry Bob Jones prophesies. It’s the Truman property time, It’s the Truman prophesies. It’s the time of the billion soul harvest that Bob Jones delivered to Mike Bickle. It’s the times of the precession, that from Blue Ridge there will be a precession all the way to the Chief’s stadium. It’s the time of the prophecy where the Chiefs win the super bowl, even though it was 2 years ago. The great, great awakening and revival, and billion soul harvest will begin”

Brothers and sisters, in this last day of the feast, let us not say, “well, now we can relax.” No, let’s take a year and purpose ourselves. Maybe we are in the days of the great great revival. To the Jew first! And also to the gentile. What if these are the days of the great outpourings of America? 80 million souls, 200,000 laborers. Christie Brennt’s word that when the five waves would come, the pandemic, social unrest, economic upheaval, lawlessness, and homelessness. In those days the great evangelistic explosion would take place, and it would be in the days when the capital was broken in two. It would be in the days, when the President of the United States would be silenced and the flag of America would fall down for a little while, and then it would be raised up. 

Brothers and sisters, who knows. We could have birthed this season. A revival and awakening, and these are the days to keep praying. Even now a court case has come before the Supreme Court, that actually could be the beginnings of the reversal of Roe v Wade. What are the chances that this could happen in the last week of our fast? Oh, I believe heaven has heard, but it’s not done hearing. He’s saying like Daniel, when the arch angel has come to him, after the breakthrough against the Prince of Persia and he says to Daniel, “I’m about ready to return, and I will once again have to take up my fight with the Prince of Persia.” We can’t just sit on a breakthrough, we need to sustain these seasons of fasting and prayers, and pursue. “Let’s go to The SEND next year, let’s go to Jerusalem.” We’ll be those whose names are written, maybe no man will know us, but our names are written in the journals of heaven. They moved principalities and powers. And God came down and said, Oh man, oh company, greatly beloved, this is heaven’s estimate of you. Thank you for joining me in this fast. Stay tuned in Lou Engle’s ministries as we continue to release messages from heaven. Amen, love you guys, thank you for your sacrifice.





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