Day 39: International Business Fast

May 22, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

One of the hidden, yet most profound thing that is happening on the earth today is the movement between Israel and the Palestinians, as it concerns economics. If you can imagine to yourself the newspapers and everything you hear. You hear about two state solutions nations, you hear about separation walls, you hear about two peoples never getting along. And yet there is a movement today, in the area of business, that is bringing the Israelis and Palestinians together. Together, Sheik Ahraf Jabari, who is the head of the Muslim Cleric that is at the helm of a 40,000 member family (not to mention the largest business movement among the Palestinian people today) formed what is called the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce, with an Israeli Jewish man, Avi Zimmerman. This was formed about 3 years ago, wondering and hoping and wishing, that maybe the two could come together and create a joint business proposition for Israeli’s and Palestinians that are wanting to work together. 

I believe it is so important during this time of fasting and prayer, That we on this journey pray into this new platform that is taking place inside of Israel today. As a result of their commitment to see this business endeavor come to the fore, between these two people groups. God has blessed them and caused 700 businesses to form just in the last couple of years. If there is a movement on the face of the earth today, it is between the Israelis and Palestinians. Who want to shed pretense, who want to put the enmity behind them, and they want their children to prosper inside the area called Judea and Samaria, or the West Bank. They want a new lease on life. The Palestinians don’t want to be a low-income refugee status. They want to see themselves prosper. They want economic development, and they know that it cannot happen without relationships with the Israelis. So here is where we stand today, an opportunity to jump up on the wall, and pray into this endeavor that is taking place. We brought Avi and sheik to Capitol Hill, and they met with a group of US senators and US House leaders. What came out of that meeting is so important. As they listened to this Palestinian Sheik, who is leading the largest business movement among the Palestinian people today. They heard him say to the lawmakers, “Stop supporting a Palestinian economy. We can’t succeed by you building into a Palestinian economy that is not associated with Israel. We need you to support integrated business. A way forward for Israelis and Palestinians to prosper together. And as a result of this meeting a piece of legislation was passed in December 2020, through the House and Senate, obligating congress to infuse investments into integrated business between Palestinians and Israelis for the very first time. This is a momentous occasion. This is a change in US policy for good. And we believe God is raising up this movement inside the Middle East today that coincides with the Abraham Accords, the treaties, the very first formation of Arab treaties with Israel and the United States. It is a wonderworking season of time between the Arabs and Israelis. And I think it is important that as watchmen on the wall, we stand at this momentous occasion, and understand what is happening and we call forth these things that God anticipated would take place in these last days.





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