DAY 1 – Welcome To The 40-Day Jesus Fast – You Are Not Alone

Mar 1, 2020

“The person who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.” – Andrew Murray

“One shall put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand.” – Bible verse.

“If added power attends the united prayer of two or three, what mighty triumphs there will be when hundreds of thousands of consistent members of the church are, with one accord, day by day, making intercession for the extension of Christ’s kingdom.” – John R. Mott

We have just come from The Send in Brazil. Over 140,000 people gathered in three stadiums, 1.7 million watched the Portuguese Livestream, and over 500,000 watched the English Livestream to make war on inaction and send forth thousands of laborers into the harvest fields of high schools, universities, neighborhoods, adoptions, and into the nations of the earth to fulfill the Great Commission. The response was extraordinary! The Brazilian fire is now being focused on the fields of harvest. The statistic that is the most significant to me is that 51,000 signed up to join The Global Jesus Fast, March 1st through April 9th, and you’re one of them! You are not alone.

The GO 2020 movement (go2020.world/home) is connecting with major Christian leaders around the world. They are making the 40-day fast, and prayer for the salvation of five people that don’t know Jesus, the main prayer components in preparation for calling for 100 million believers who will give themselves to evangelism during the month of May. Their goal is to share the gospel with one billion people worldwide! This could be the global sledgehammer of God!

    Martin Smith and his band Delirious shook the globe with a new sound and a song that said “Is it true today that when people pray, cloudless skies will break, kings and queens will shake? Yes, it’s true and I believe it. I’m living for you.” Do you believe it? I believe it. Elijah fasted and the rains poured out. Esther with thousands of Jews fasted and shook Haman from his throne and reversed the Persian empire’s public policies of genocide. Is God not the same today as He was then?  

    Do you sometimes feel all alone in your prayers, like a mere blip on the screen of history, drowned with a sense of insignificance? Do you feel at times like you are at the mercy of fate, swept along like a mere pebble in the river of cause and effect? Well, let me shout to you today as we begin this fast! If the gates of Hades will not prevail against two or three praying in agreement, how much more will the principalities and powers be shaken all over the globe by literally hundreds of thousands fasting like Jesus in preparation for the manifestation of Jesus the Evangelist? When Jesus came out of the desert of fasting, he proclaimed in his hometown of Nazareth, Luke 4:18, “The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.” 

    For 40 days, you will be praying with thousands for the manifestation of Luke 4:18. You will overcome Satan’s temptations in these days. You will claim promises that beforehand seemed never to move forward. You will find your heart warmed with bridal love. You will see breakthroughs in your family, but corporately you will see breakthroughs for Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and secularists. Yes, may I say, even for the salvation of Israel! 

“The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.” – Leonard Ravenhill

“It’s the chance of a lifetime; you can’t pass it by.” – Rocky

This is our time. It’s time for the 2020 vision and beyond, the 20s will be the decade of the harvest.


Father, we pray for the fulfillment of Luke 4:18, the fullness of Jesus’ evangelistic anointing into the earth!  We all pray for 5 people who don’t know Jesus to be saved. Break satan’s hold over their lives in these forty days as we pray. We call forth 100,000 to evangelize in the month of May. We ask for the billion soul harvest. Now, Lord Jesus, we ask for the grace of fasting in our lives in this present throbbing moment of history.


  1. Brian Francis Hume

    Excellent devotional Lou as a reminder that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with many believers across the globe. As I have set my face like a flint from day 1, I am expecting great and mighty things to come forth from this Jesus fast that will shake the heavens in the days to come. Thank you for the invitation to join my dear brothers and sisters worldwide in this fast.

  2. Maylin Hartwick

    Praying for a heart like Jesus

  3. Andrew Mnjama Mwikamba

    I have just discovered this call to 40 days of fasting! Not knowing about this, I had started a kind of 60-day count down/vigil (not a fast) on 8th March that’s ending on 5th of May. I would like to plug in a 40-day special fast with some variations, for which I’m seeking guidance from the Lord, within these 60 days, soon. I will also be following along the daily devotions when I start my 40-day. I hope they’ll still be on, even after the on-going 40-day fast.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading through the website and I believe it’s a great companion for a child of God desiring to plug into this anointed global movement. What a great resource for the Church of Jesus Christ in these times! May God bless you all for heeding God’s call!

  4. Lacy

    I didn’t realize that this has started! I was impressed a few days ago to start a 40 day fast all by myself. I’m gonna join with y’all for the remainder of yalls fast and pray with you!

  5. Darci Barth

    I just saw this but I made it for the 3 day fast so I am joining for that part and will continue until Holy spirit says to stop. I am fighting a sickness in my body and my husband pain in his body. That is even more why we need to fast and pray and worship the Lord together in his presence ( there is fullness of joy and the joy of the Lord is our strength) Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to join with the body of Christ to see break through in healing and restoration of power to the body of Christ!!!

  6. Monica Hernandez

    I wish I would have seen this at the beginning of my fast. Still praying.

  7. Michael Bridges

    Hi, Unluckily and undoubtedly I have started a Jesus fast that I have failed into doing it. But I have realized that God does ask me the impossible for it is Him who will accomplish what is not possible for me to do. Instead, I have started a Daniel fast which seems more reachable.
    While you will probably treading the soil of our nations, I will be in the middle of my fasting.
    Anyway, I hope to see and I really want to live this bigger Great Awakening of all time. And I really don’t want to belong to just the audience or live it in full expression, taking an active part of it. Le’ts start my fasting now dated 20th, April 2020.

  8. Jo Scruggs

    I’m so sorry I didn’t find The Jesus Fast until last week and prepared for the fast early this week. I began today, May 5, 2020. Thank you Lou and all who have gone before me. Thank you for the devotionals. I am not new to fasting, but I haven’t lived a fasted lifestyle. I look forward to doing so from now on.


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