Day 18: Charlie Shamp

May 1, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

I just love the way God will meet us in times when we need Him to really speak to us and encourage our hearts. I think it was January 20th and the inauguration of President Biden, I couldn’t find myself to vote for anyone who supports abortion up to nine months in the womb, it’s unheard of. I can’t imagine voting for anyone who supports the murder of infants. And you may disagree with me there, but I think you are going to have a difficult time challenging me with scripture on it. On the 22nd, 1/22, 2 days later, a prophet names Charlie Shamp had a dream and, in this dream, I had a vivid dream where I was brought to a door of a church. In the dream, it seemed like it was a very important place where revival had happened in the past. The door was closed tightly with a padlock, firmly keeping the door locked. It seemed that the door had not been open for a very long time. Interestingly enough the door was crystal clear, clear like glass, but it could not be broken. You could clearly see inside that the glory of God was there. It was so thought inside the church. I looked to my right and there was a man wildly rocking back and forth praying fervently and weeping uncontrollably. I immediately recognized that it was Lou Engle and when he saw me, he came over and hugged me and said, “You made it!” I looked at him and said, “Where are we Lou? What is this place?” Suddenly I knew we were standing in front of the door that Duncan Campbell had spoken of in his sermon When God steps down. There at the great Hebrides’ revival. 

Lou looked at me and smiled, “You can see it, you can hear it! This is the door of Hope and it’s about to open.” (It’s about to open) Then Lou started to cry again and said, “Charlie, you didn’t lose hope for America. We are going to live in the days of the awe of God in this country. We have been chosen by God to be Doorkeepers of Awakening.” He then handed me a nail and a hammer and said, “Stand here and continue to pray with me. When the door opens, they will come and you must pierce every ear before they go through the door. Only those that are marked at the door-post will enter in. This is the revival of the Bride.” I then woke up crying from the encounter and could still feel as if I was holding the hammer and the nail. 

I believe there is a door of hope in America right now, I believe there is a door of hope worldwide. I believe the great door of hope is for Israel and the Jewish peoples. And to receive this dream 2 days after the inauguration and the deep disappointment of my own heart, I felt like the Lord was saying, “Lou, in this 40 day fast, we are the doorkeepers of revival. 

It’s interesting that in the Hebrides island revival, God used Duncan Cambell, but it was fueled by two old ladies. One I believe was blind, and they prayed over and over and over and claimed the passage of Isaiah, chapter 44. I’ve been praying this for my children, I’m praying it for America, I’m praying it for Israel, and I want you to join me in this 40 day fast to pray He says this “I will pour out my spirit upon your descendants, and my blessing upon their offspring. They will spring forth like grass among the watercourses. And they will ride on their arms belonging to the lord. It’s going to be a tattooed generation, they are going to just spring up because the waters are being poured out on the thirsty. I believe this fast is about a great spiritual desire overtaking us. We’re saying ‘God pour out your Spirit.’ I believe we’re at the doorway of a great revival. It’s not open to us yet, to the glory, but that glory is going to open to us. And I’m believing we are going to see a Jesus movement, where kids are going to write on their arms, so to speak, “I belong to Jesus.” I got saved in the Jesus movement, it was like that in those days, they just sprung up among the watercourses, the hippies, the kids in the schools, they all get saved. It was like that then, and I’m believing we are entering into that day. Can you imagine, this would be fulfilled once in that passage? When it says, “I belong to Jacob,” I’ll write on my arm, I’m from Jacob’s tribe. What if Jewish Tel Aviv young kids, who are so lost, so secular, suddenly start getting saved, and they’ll start writing on their arms, “Yeshua, I belong to Jacob.” My gosh, this is what I’m believing for. Will you rock with me for these 40 days? Let’s weep, let’s desire. Then It said when we open that door, God has us put our ears to be nailed through. Make us bondservants, and oath keepers, loving the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray with me Isaiah 44 for your children, for your own lives. “Pour out Your spirit on my offspring!” God, may they love you so much they will tattoo on their arm, “belonging to the Lord.”





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