Day 19: Pray! Ekballo!

May 2, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Before The Send ever took place, our friends Andy Byrd, YWAM, gave us a word that the pre-Send gatherings,that would fill stadiums, the name of those gatherings would actually be called ekballo. We didn’t even know what it meant. We look it up and it is the scripture where Jesus said, “I command you to beg me, the Lord of the harvest, to [ekballo] send forth, hurl forth, laborers into the harvest field.” I believe it was critical before The Send gatherings, that we would actually pray the prayer of the Lord of the harvest, who says The Send doesn’t take place unless there’s the prayer, “Lord, hurl forth, ekballo, laborers into the harvest field!” 

I got gripped by this passage where Jesus actually is broken to pieces when He sees the lost sheep of the House of Israel. And He’s moved with compassion because they’re harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd, and He gathers His disciples and He doesn’t say ‘oh, well disciples you know the harvest truly is plentiful but the laborers are few, so, you know, well, maybe once in a while just say up a few ‘shondaes’ and pray the Lord a harvest to send forth laborers, He comes up burning with passion. I believe he might have even been weeping saying, “Oh, the harvest is so plentiful listen, bros, listen, you’ve got to pray. I beg you.”  And that’s the word He uses in prayer. It’s more it’s’ beg’ and it’s a command. I command you to beg me, “Pray the Lord the harvest” not, to send, the word isn’t ‘send‘ there in Greek, It’s the word ‘ekballo’. It is the same word where He says,” if I [drive] out demons, the Kingdom has come upon you”. What would it mean if God drives forth laborers into the harvest field? 

I’ve told the story of my own daughter who when I was praying this “ekballo” day after day, I found myself praying, praying this prayer in my sleep at night. It’s like prophecy, and my daughter came to me and she said, “Dad I had this dream and I was in this huge auditorium sitting in the front row and Loren Cunningham was preaching and he was looking at me and he was preaching on the mantle of Moses coming on Joshua. Then suddenly, she said he fell to the ground and died, and in the dream I leapt up on the stage and began to give him CPR, and saying, “Loren Cunningham, you can’t die yet! Your task isn’t finished. You can’t die yet, your task isn’t finished.”

Everyone knows what Loren Cunningham’s task is.  It’s to mobilize waves of thousands and hundreds of thousands of young people, to finish the task of missions. And she said, “then suddenly Loren Cunningham rose from the dead, grabbed me by the shoulders, and said, “It’s not my task to finish, It’s yours!” 

Because of that encounter she was ekballo-ed, and today she is in the mountains of an unreached people group in the Middle-East, in a one-bedroom little house with her husband, and one year old boy, without a toilet, she’s got a squatty potty. And doors are opening to the gospel to Muslims and I can’t help but think, a father’s prayer ‘ekballo-ed’ his daughter. What if millions worldwide, even in this fast, would be crying, “Lord of the harvest, hurl forth laborers into the harvest field!” Oh! Wouldn’t God do this all over the globe? Listen, it was Reece Howells, in that great book, comments on Andrew Murray’s word on this very verse, Matthew 9:38. Andrew Murray said this, “according to Matthew 9:38, The number of missionaries on the field is entirely dependent, (say it with me, “entirely dependent”) on someone praying those prayers.

If that is true, then that prayer should be on the fiery lips of the church worldwide, day by day until this task is finished. “It’s not your task to finish, it’s ours.” It’s time! Pray, the Lord of the harvest to hurl for laborers to the lost sheep of the House of Israel and hurl forth laborers to the last tribes. Finish the task and bring back the King.





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