Day 21: Inscribed in the palm of His hand

May 4, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hi everyone. This is Patricia Bootsma and I want to thank you so much for being on this 40 day fast. I’m praying for grace, praying for great blessing as we join together to pray to cry out for Israel the Jewish people and for the revelation of Yeshua. You know, I want to first of all read from Isaiah 49. This was coming to me this morning and it says starting in verse 14, “But Zion said, ‘The Lord has forsaken me and my Lord has forgotten me.’ ” 

And the Lord responds, “Can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget. Yet, I have not forgotten you. See I’ve inscribed you in the palm of my hand,” says the Lord. The Lord has not forgotten his firstborn Israel. There is a cry and a calling of God in this time in history for the global church to arise, to begin to pray and cry out for the destiny of God’s people, in a time where there is going to be a sweeping revival. I feel it so strongly that we are living in an incredible time in history it’s like the time of Reese Howells. It is the time of changing history, of holding back even what could potentially be like a third world war and calling in instead a great awakening. I had a dream recently where there was all these students, young people, and it’s like they were migrating or they were moving. And I saw some of them going into like a gray uniform. Everybody was the same and looked the same. I knew in the dream it had to do with socialism or communism. And then I was saying to these young people saying, “Come the way of the Lord,” and trying to admonish them like a mother would and I feel as I woke up I heard clearly the Lord speak these words, “The great student movement, the great student movement, and then I remembered years ago when it was called the great student volunteer movement, which was a prayer movement on university campuses amongst young people that led to an incredible missions movement. And I believe that the Lord is calling students and young people, as well as mothers and fathers to join together for what is on the heart of God for His people Israel. It’s not that you get this when you’re 40 or something, it’s like the Lord is saying. “now study the word, now understand why is it important.” That we, like it says in Romans 9, 10, 11, we get the mystery, we understand God’s purposes. That He has called the gentile church to actually provoke to jealousy the Jewish people, and that is all of us, in prayer, in carrying, in this fast. In this visiting there and going, and also being on the land, as well as even befriending those that are Jewish amongst the nations of the earth.

Do you know that anti-Semitism on university campuses spiked incredibly during covid, even when there was a shutdown of so many other clubs? But anti-Semitic acts rose in in staggering statistics and I believe that there’s a cry for us to stand in this day with God’s people. I just feel to call the young people to understand why, why is it that Satan is raging? Why is the enemy coming to attack the Jewish people? Believe me, it is intertwined with their destiny. Their destiny which is linked with our destiny, as God’s people, as the people that would call the Lord the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So I just want to bless and encourage you in this time in this fast and may you feel grace. And you know the Genesis 12:3, we don’t do it for this, but it really is true that the Lord will bless those who bless Israel. I’ve been feeling it my own life, the blessing of the Lord as I turn more and more of my attention into blessing Israel. And crying out as a watchman on the wall for the Jewish people and so may you find that. May you find the wind at your back, and grace for this time, in this season. And I just want to end with this, it is out of a heart of love that we really get a heart of love for the Jewish people. That we don’t just say, “Well, you know, it’s in the bible.” But we legitimately care, where we actually cry out with an anguish of heart, even as Paul did. So I just thank you so much for Lou. We just want to tell you also about the Israel virtual house of prayer it’s called Israelvhop.com. Where we’re seeking to have just perpetual prayer and worship going on with a focus on Israel, exaltation of yeshua, and so please join there as a participant. If you want to lead that would be fantastic as well, but thank you. God bless you, and surely the Lord will bless those who bless his people, God bless.





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