Day 29: Luke 4:18

May 12, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Yesterday, I shared our experience in 2018 where we had fasted 40 days up to April 9th, the anniversary of the Azusa street revival in California. The Lord gave us a dream to extend my belt 10 notches to fast 10 more days to end on 4/18. We told the 4:18 story that had begun for us there in Santa Maria. At that very time there was a young man that had just begun to meet with Paul Cain over the phone, and he spent a year, every week as I understand, speaking to Paul Cain, and it was as if Paul Cain was looking at his Elisha, a double portion son.

You may remember the amazing word of knowledge that Paul Cain gave to me 20 years ago about

Ecclesiastes 11:1 that was the confirmation if I was to call the world to prayer and fasting 40 days in the new millennium and I asked God, “If that’s you Lord, have Paul Cain call me out and use Ecclesiastes 11:1 as a confirmation. I believe with all my heart what he said, “I see that you’re skinny, but you are fasting. The Lord says Ecclesiastes 11:1.” 


It was 20 years ago He was setting up a stage that global 40 days of fasting would begin to lose a birthing time of a new generation of double portion sons and daughters who would enter again into the great ‘Luke 4:18 anointing’ of Jesus himself. And it will be some somehow a re-instigation of the Jesus fast, when Jesus began His evangelistic ministry with 40 days of fasting. The healing revivalists and evangelists in the 1940s begun with 40-day fasting, and now over these last two years 40 days of fasting are moving around the world.


It’s brought us to this moment. So this young man spends this year and he begins to move in extraordinary words of knowledge. I remember at the anniversary or a memorial of Lonnie Frisbee the great evangelist in the Jesus movement. I first met Chris Reed and the first thing he does

is he calls out the name of my son, who’s not even there, and my daughter. And I’m thinking this is the real deal and we begin to talk and at that point when we were talking there 2019 incredibly says, “Lou I’m hungry for the anointing of the healing revivals he says I’m reading atomic power through prayer and fasting.” And I’m thinking oh it’s all joining together. We talked to one another about how God is going to lead us to do 40-day fasts like they did in the 40s to unleash the healing revival anointing of Luke 4:18 in our day. I actually have a video in which I’m praying for him that the anointing the grace of 40 day fast would come upon him. That following year we entered into that uh 40-day fast. And so this year we called a fast, 40 days called it the Yeshua fast for April 1st through April 9th. I mean March 1st through April 9th, but my friend Asher Intrater the Jewish apostle in Israel appealed to us that we would with real kindness hold it 40 days up to Pentecost he said, “I sense something is going to happen because it’s God’s appointed time.” I felt I needed to honor my covenant friend’s request and yield to that apostolic leadership. 

Mike Bickle was going to do it with us and his whole movement, but he called and said, he emailed and said, “Lou we feel like we’re to stay on the first one. This is the first fast March 1st through April 9th. Lou this is our Moses fast.” I didn’t understand what was saying, which I thought it’s 40 days, “God show us your glory, bring a shift in history, show us your glory,” which is a part of that 40-day fast. But now I understood he was saying Moses did back-to-back 40-day fasts. He said, “Lou we’ll do the first, you do the second.” Could we be at the mountain of the Lord for a mighty shift in history? So on 4/9, the final day of their fast, they had invited Chris Reed. I don’t know how they knew about him to come to their church to IHOP and speak to their leadership team. He began to move in the most extraordinary words of knowledge names dates friends addresses so amazing and I’m longing for this word of knowledge to be exploding all over the body of Christ my gosh I’m watching the chosen movies we have these words of knowledge to Nathaniel’ I saw you under the…” I just weep

Oh, if that anointing of Luke 4:18 could come on a generation it would be the most amazing evangelistic grace to lead thousands to Christ. he came gave these words and then he asked mike and the team does 4:18 mean anything to you? He knows nothing and Mike tells the Anna Cain story, and he says, “17 months ago I had a dream…” and he had the word, “When the prince shall pass, 4:18 will come at last.”

In other words, all these years, from Anna Cain’s word, all these years praying, fasting, waiting, He’s saying that when the prince shall pass, finally Luke 4;18 is going to be manifested and demonstrated.


Amazing! in fact 17 months ago He knew that it was when Prince Philip of England would die that’s when Luke 4:18 would be manifested finally. He actually preached a message at a church that when Prince Philip dies, 4:18 will come at last. Here we are now at 4/9 with Mike Bickle and on 4/9 at the end of the 40 day fast Prince Philip dies. I’m saying to you today, and it’s created a firestorm in Kansas City and the ripples of it are going around the world. We’re in a new era, it’s not just today, it’s a time to have expectancy, faith, the manifestation of the Jewish man evangelist and apostle. Yeshua is going to be releasing his anointings, his heart for the poor, the oppressed. It’s a day of deliverance. Oh brothers and sisters I’m erupting inside. There, at UpperRoom, I preached on 4/18. I told this story, a young woman one of their prophetic gals got up in it and prophesied and said she had a dream and in the dream, that came on the first of April, and in the dream she was going up and down these stairs like a stairway to heaven and there were calendars all along the stairway. And on the calendars it said 4:18, 4:18. I think we’re all dreaming that dream.

It was several years ago, maybe a couple years ago, that I’d been crying out for the freedom of the LGBT. That God would bring such freedom and salvation and a touch of his love. And I had a dream and I saw a ticker tape, and it rolled before me and it said, “You said that you would deliver us 4:18.” I woke up and it was as if I could hear the cries of those longing to be free, drug addicts, those struggling with sexual issues, everything, God brokenness. They’re crying “God, you said that you would deliver us.”  His answer is 4:18. Let’s press into the rest of this fast God unleash Luke 4:18 into the heavens and manifest it on the earth I know that was a long one I think it’s a good one.





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