Day 3: Global Spiritual Aliyah

Apr 16, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

So again now we return to where we left off yesterday in our 40 day Ruth global call. I want you to review with me the dream. My friend has this dream 2007. We are actually preparing for TheCall Nashville when we were in Jerusalem and we know that this word, this dream, is about a call that’s coming… a call for united massive fasting and prayer. In the dream, we receive a phone call from four Ruths. Ruth Graham, Billy Graham’s wife. Ruth Heflin, a friend of Israel who lived there for 26 years bringing forth the presence of God in worship, and Ruth Prince, Derek Prince’s wife and Derek wrote profusely of the end-time purposes of Jerusalem and Israel. And the last Ruth we were receiving a phone call from was Ruth in Ruth and Boaz. It’s why we’re calling it the “Global Ruth Call.” 

Then in a second dream. In that dream Dutch Sheets and I, a great prayer leader and friend of mine, are calling for a global spiritual Aliyah. Now let me make a comment on Aliyah. Aliyah is the word used of the Jewish peoples who return from the diaspora where they have been scattered all over the earth and then this thing takes place at beginning of the last century after the holocaust of the Jews, Aliyah begins to take place where the Jews begin to return to their homeland. It’s natural Aliayah. But in the dream Dutch and I were calling for global spiritual Aliyah. Well, the gentile ruth church cannot do natural Aliyah, we’re not Jews. But we can make spiritual Aliyah and it is this, We are beginning to turn our heart affections, our intercessions, even our understanding of God’s end-time purposes, of the harvest at the end of the age for the salvation of Israel. Both dreams were one and the same. They were about Ruth. 

I want you to understand this, Naomi is a picture of the diaspora of the Jewish peoples. In 70 AD when the Romans came and destroy Jerusalem, the Jewish peoples were scattered all over the world and they’ve known bitterness. They’ve been blessed, but they’ve known bitterness, death, holocaust, anti-Semitic rage from all over. And now after centuries, at the beginning of the last century, as prophesied by the Old Testament prophecies and by Jesus himself, the Jews are beginning to return to their homeland. Brothers and sisters, this is Bible history that we’re in. And they’re returning and it’s natural Aliyah. 

Naomi is a picture of the diaspora. She fled because there was no bread in Israel and she went to Moab, the land of sexual immorality, where they offered up their babies to Chemosh. Welcome to the nations of the earth! Welcome to America. And there Naomi finds death and bitterness and when she comes back she says, “Do not call me Naomi,” which means favored one, “but call me Mara, bitterness.” This is the Jewish people. She is a picture. But they’re returning because there’s bread back in Bethlehem. But what happens with Ruth is spiritual Aliyah. She says, “I am leaving, everything, everything behind, and I’m going to make Jerusalem my chief joy. I’m going to make the Jewish people’s my people. Their harvest will be my harvest.” And she makes spiritual Aliyah when she says, “Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.” We understood from those two dreams there would come a time when there would be a massive fasting, prayer movement to loose this Aliyah. This natural and spiritual Aliyah, and here it is. 

It says in the scriptures that the Jew and Gentile are going to join together as one new man. And as one new man, when they come together, it will be the beginnings of the return of the Son of David. Here’s the story was Ruth, which is so profound. She comes to Israel, she says, “I’m going to go glean in Israel’s field.” 

With this dream, I believe it was an invitation for me at a time in history (the dream was 2007) I would be calling this Ruth Call for a global shift in the body of Christ, the four Ruths from the four corners of the earth, there’ll be this return with the Jewish people in heart affections. It will shift everything in the Gentile church, and it will shift everything for the Jewish peoples. It is the beginnings of the one new man, where the wall of hostility is broken between Jew and Gentile. When Ruth goes to Israel to Bethlehem, with the Jewish woman, this is what happens, she gets married to the Messianic line, she gets married to that which will bring forth the son of David. 

Boaz becomes her husband, and we’ll talk more of this. Boaz will become her husband and she will give birth to a child named Obed who is the father of Jesse, and Jesse becomes the father of David. When Jew and Gentile begin to move together like Naomi and Ruth, it will be a new day when we will give birth once again to the coming of the Son of David himself to rule in Jerusalem. It is the invitation for the coming and the return, the second return of Jesus Christ, our Yeshua our Kinsman Redeemer. 

Brothers and sisters, if this is true, then this fast could literally shift the whole globe. Come on! Let’s go after this thing. For 40 days we’re praying, loose the global call. Loose a global spiritual Aliyah. 

Lord, we pray for the salvation of the Jewish peoples, we make them our chief joy. Lord I’m asking for an awakening in the global Ruth church, that it’s not just about us, it’s about God’s heartbeat for His people, the Jews, Israel and Jerusalem, making the place ready for the return of Christ.





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