Day 4: Global paradigm shift

Apr 17, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hello brothers and sisters, we continue on this 40-day fast for a massive paradigm shift over the body of Christ. We’re calling it the call to the global Ruth vow, the turning of our hearts to the people of Israel, their salvation, and the land of Israel. I have to say to you, I’m kind of in a new journey on this fast. I’ve had an awakening. Really the awakening has been taking place over the last 10 years, but only recently has it actually been catalyzed in my soul. I actually write this…

“At the dawning of every new season, every new era, a profusion of prophetic activity begins to break out in order to awaken the church, stir expectancy and catalyze prayer. Walter Wink says, “When God wants to initiate a new movement in history, God does not intervene directly, but sends us dreams and visions that can, if attended to, initiate the process.’”

Now this is not something new, but it’s something new for me. I’ve read the scriptures in a certain way, over the years, and I believe I’m in a massive paradigm shift. Maybe you can call it a “prayeradigm” shift, that when you pray God will open your eyes to things that you didn’t see.

I just wrote this, “I believed theologically in the centrality of Israel, but I have still related to the Scriptures through a skewed lens. I’ve sought scripture’s application to my personal Christian experience while sidestepping the primacy of the biblical writers’ intent toward Israel and the Jewish people.”

Do you understand what I’m saying? It’s kind of like the paradigm shift that took place with Peter. You remember, when Peter is up in his upper room, and a visitation has come to Cornelius, a Gentile, and the Lord visits him through an angel and says, “Your prayers have risen as a memorial before God.” And the angel said, “Go find Peter.” 

Peter, a Jewish man wrapped up only in Jewish ideology, Jewish paradigms, the Gospel is only for the Jews. He has a vision in an upper room, and he sees all these unclean animals. Peter says, “I can’t eat these. These animals they are unclean.” And the Lord says, “Do not call unclean what I call clean.” Out of that encounter he realizes that God is going toward the Gentiles. 

I felt like, even right before I videoed it, this is the same kind of paradigm shift that must come on the global Ruth bride where suddenly the Lord will remove the lenses by dreams and visions of scripture revelation, where we begin to understand, “Oh my goodness, the scriptures are all pointing us to Israel. They are point us to the salvation of the Jews, to the primacy of Jerusalem and the return of Jesus Christ.” I am having that kind of awakening. 

And this is what we’re praying during this 40 day fast, Loose it all over the globe to the four corners of the Gentile Ruth bride. I look back, in many ways, I’m looking at how God has been turning me over years. So interesting, right behind me is my favorite painting, and it’s called “Justice.” But actually it is, it’s not a reprint it’s not a repaint, it’s an original, and it comes from Israel. And you see these books all these books in there. You see kind of the weights of justice, the scales of justice. And I’ve always seen this like these are biographies that I’ve written, or I’ve read, and I’m seeking to enter into those biographies. And I’ve seen them as kind of stories of my own life, the chapters of my own life, the prayer assignments. I’ve never seen it, even until recently, that the biggest one at the top, I felt like the Lord say, “This is your calling. Your great calling is to raise up prayer for Israel.” And it’s an original from Israel! Do you see how God can begin to awaken our hearts? 

I remember years ago at IHOP, International House of Prayer. I’m in a prayer meeting there and these three Jewish young men come up to me. I don’t remember who they were. I don’t think I even knew them. And they came to me and they said, “We have a word from the Lord to you Lou. What the Lord says is that your lion is abortion, that your bear, like David, is the homosexual marriage issue, but your Goliath will be Jerusalem and Israel.

I’ve never fully caught it until now. I am in an awakening, and I feel like I’m entering, in some ways, the great prayer battle of my life, And it may take the next 20 – 30 years of my life. I’m hoping this sticks inside of me and I don’t lose the prayeradigm shift. God has spoken to me over the years and trying to direct my lenses, to cleanse my lenses concerning Israel. I read a book by a man named Don Finto, a great man of God, and it’s called Your People Shall Be My People, and it is about how God is turning the hearts of the church to Israel. Particularly, even in the last 70 years, it’s taking place since Israel has become a nation. 

And then, other things begin to take place. There’s a woman who’s a major voice in Israel and in America, incredible, and she came to a meeting that I was going to be speaking at. She had been given a word, but she didn’t want to deliver it because it seems so outrageous, but she came and she had never met me. And little did we know we would meet right after this message. And in this word, she was to tell me that I am a Simeon for Israel. Now Simeon was the old man. She says he was probably a leader of a prayer movement in Israel, bringing and praying and expecting the coming of the Messiah. And she said, that was the word she was to give to me but she said, “Lord, I cannot give that word.” And then, she was there that night when Claudio Freidzon from Argentina was preaching, and out of the middle of his message he suddenly called me out and said, “Lou, you are a Simeon for Israel.” It shocked her! She delivered that word to me with confidence because of that word, and I begin to ponder this over the last three years. What does this mean that I’m a Simeon? You see, the Lord was awakening me. This is what happens. God begins to bring prophetic revelation. He begins to stir us to new eras and new understandings, and that’s what’s been taking place in my own life. 

And then recently I’m reading a book From Iraq to Armageddon, by a man named Asher Intrater, a Messianic apostle in Israel. And it’s like the lights are going on scripturally! And all my life what I’ve done is I’ve taken all those scriptures that are pointing to Israel and I’ve always applied them to America, because that was my assignment. You see, I only saw it through those lenses, but now I’m reading scriptures and the whole Bible is coming alive to me because I’m actually reading about Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish peoples. This is what I’m asking God to do in this 40-day fast and I want you to join me. 

Lord, release, a global paradigm shift, a massive turning like Ruth, “Your people will be my people.” The revelation of the scriptures will be exploding. And we will begin to pray for the salvation of the Jewish peoples. And tomorrow, I will share kind of the final tipping point, how God blew my mind and it shifted my heartbeat for praying for the salvation of Israel.





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