Day 32: An encounter

May 15, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

I’ve shared with you over the years in these fasts in our devos I have found that in fasting, we get understanding even as to our own callings. We have breakthroughs of revelation, I’ve said fasting makes your life a landing strip for revelation. This took place in my own journey several days ago, I had been saturating myself in a song by a Brazilian artist, Fernandinho. And maybe I shared this already, but I want to just share this again in case I didn’t. I’ve been saturating myself in this song called Yeshua, I want to encourage you, in certain times one song will come your way, and that song opens up something in your soul, don’t quickly pass from this song. I remember years ago at an intercessors for America gathering, maybe 30 years ago, the first time I met Cindy Jacobs. There was worship going on at that time. The worship leader said this. The key to worship leading is find the song God is resting on and remain ether until He lifts. And they went on this one song over and over and over again. It carried me away. I’ve been on this song and literally it’s been carrying me away. I was listening to hours just yeshua, yeshua, yeshua. 

Can I just encourage you? Be filled with the spirit during these days, sing, making melody and harp, songs and hymns and spiritual songs. I realize we are to live in this constant continuous state of offering up praise. It’s been such a wonderful time for me in my own journey. Just singing in tongues and singing songs. Particularly I would wake up in the morning with a song in my heart. And that song that wakes you in the morning is probably the song to carry you for the whole day. I woke up with this song, “for Zion’s sake I will not keep silent”. For Zions sake. To carry it all day, For Zion’s sake I will not keep quiet. In this song Yeshua, I take just a moment to lay my head back, and I fell asleep and I woke up with this exploding of a dream. It was like a text from heaven. I ran to my wife saying God just texted me” it said, “To the Jew first.” I knew he was calling me to a major shift in my life. Kind of scary to say this because I know I move by assignments, God will move me in one way and another way. But I believe in that moment, the Lord said to you, your first priority for the rest of your life is Israel.

 I knew its coming to me for years, I’ve been reading Isaiah 49. It’s too small a thing to call to restore the tribes of Jacob. I’ve called you to be a light to the gentiles. I felt God would use that in Isaiah 49, that he has called me and used me as a light to the gentiles, in whatever small way God’s hand is upon me. But I’ve always known God was going to reverse that scripture. And the day would come when it would call me to be a part of the awakening and revival of the tribes of Israel. I’m just so rejoicing that in this fast, I’ve found a great destiny shift and awakening. And my soul is rejoicing in it. I want to pray for you, that you would have this kind of destiny dream. That God will awaken you to thoughts you’ve never had and then you will explode with fresh motivation because the Lord is actually calling you upward in to the prize of the high calling of Christ. 

So Father, in Jesus name, I loose even in these days, I loose fresh wind, fresh motivation, light to break into their darkness. That Lord they’ll find kisses from heaven, divine surprises that they never expected to come. I pray they would go to bed at night and say “God, I’m expecting heaven to come to earth and that angels would ascend and descend. Make my nightlife sleeping Bethels. This is none other than the gate of heaven, the House of God. Encourage my brothers and sisters on the fast. It’s not in vain. We break the lie that nothing is happening. We declare that even as Daniel’s fast of 21 days, in this extreme weariness, where people are weary right now. We are believing that something is coming to them. And maybe they won’t see it right away, but we know that light will shine into their darkness. I release dreams and encouragement, spirit of prophecy, people coming to them, giving them words. Let these be the days where they walk with this sense almost like a peek-a-boo, “What’s god going to do next?” I’m looking, I’m waiting, I’m expecting. Oh brothers and sisters, He comes to expectancy. Stir it up and dare to believe. Go back over your prophesies. Go back, Fan into flame the gift that is in you by the laying on of hands. Go through your life, look where god has broken through in your life. Where he gave you moments where a glimpse of heaven took place, or a glimpse of destiny. Set yourself on a vision quest. And set yourself on the ultimate quest, God I want a face to face encounter with you. I’m seeking your face, open your face to me. I bless you in Jesus name. Amen.





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