Day 5: The Pandemic Prophecy

Apr 18, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Yesterday, we talked about having a massive paradigm shift. How God begins to cleanse our lenses and gives us dreams, encounters, and biblical revelation so that our mindsets, our understandings, are shifted. Right now all over the globe, even in the church, there’s this thing called replacement theology, where now it’s all about the Church and it’s not about Israel nor the Jews. God wants to shatter that replacement theology-ideology. I’m believing in this 40 day fast there is going to be a massive shift in ideologies. Years ago the Lord spoke to me, no one is targeting false ideologies with massive fasting and prayer. I’m believing the ideology of anti-Semitism, that’s even in the church, it’s in the universities, Christian students, and the whole issue of standing for Palestine rather than for Israel to have their own state. I believe God wants to bring Palestinian and Jews together in a great salvation movement because Yeshua is both the God of Ishmael and He is the God of Isaac, Hallelujah! But there needs to be this paradigm shift that takes place, and the final straw in some ways came to me as I have been ministering and moving with a ministry called The Send. It was in 2011, those guys from The Send, Andy Byrd, Brian Brent and others, from a word given from Christy Brennt, came to my living room in Kansas City and they said, “There is coming a shift to The Call. And it will not be just fasting and prayer, but the proclamation of the gospel, signs and wonders, Billy Graham’s mantle is coming, stadiums are going to be filled, and the Call is going to open the way for The Send. I believe that was a true word from God and it birthed Orlando’s Send, the massive gatherings in Brazil, and in 2022 we’re moving forward to Kansas City, where they prayed for Israel for 20 years. I’m wondering if there’s coming this convergence and it’s interesting that the word was given from Christy Brennt that 80 million souls would be saved in America and 200,000 laborers would be hurled forth as missionaries to the unreached people groups and the nations of the earth. 

We’ve been praying this now for 8 years and I dare to believe that we have yet to see the steel punch of God in America. Then recently I was with the leaders of The Send, having our meeting together, and Brian Brennt of Circuit Riders delivers a prophecy that his wife gave in 2004. And he was kind of like, “I don’t know if I can deliver this word.” But at this moment, in this meeting, just a couple of months ago, he felt it was time to deliver her 2004 word. This is the crazy word. The following stunning prophetic word could herald another great event, a new dawning of light in our world’s present darkness. As the collaboration team of The Send recently came together to seek the Lord, Christy Brent a major catalyst behind The Send, shared this word that God had given her in 2004. In the vision she saw the Lord filled with great compassion, because of 5 waves coming to the earth. “A wave, number one of a great pandemic, secondly a wave of great homelessness a wave of economic decline that is happening, a wave of great loss, and a wave of great social unrest.” Then she saw the US Capitol being stormed. Come on! And the American flag, she saw, would fall down for a season of time before being raised up again. And then she said she even saw that the President of the United States would be silenced. Welcome Big Tech! You’ve got to be kidding me! And then she said, “In that time when the President would be silenced, God would stir up great evangelism leading to the great harvest.” And when we heard this prophesy, it was this eruption in our souls, an eruption of faith. Surely, we are in the days of Harvest!

I hope that word stirs you. You cannot be apathetic when you hear words like this. When Daniel understood it was the time for the great jail break of the Jews for the exile out of Babylon, going back to Jerusalem, which a is a major paradigm shift. He prayed, he didn’t just say, “Okay, well it’s going to happen.” He saw it as a responsibility to intensify his prayers, to fast and pray, to see that great release of the salvation of Israel. I believe we’re in that moment and we’ve been praying for years for this great breakthrough for Harvest. Could it be that actually covid has been preparing the way for a day of darkness, as it was in the days of Jesus’ fast, where he said coming out that fast, he said, “those that sat in darkness will see a great light.” I believe we are entering into Jesus’s 40 day fast for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Those who sit in darkness, suddenly, there is going to be this explosion of awakening and Jewish kids in Tel Aviv are starting to get saved, they don’t even know why, because this 40 day fast has opened the skies to see what they could not see. But, is there a topping point to this kind of harvest that Christy Brent saw? I believe there is. And tomorrow I am going to share that tipping point that could be a key to the global harvest around the world. Join me tomorrow.





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