Day 6: Pray for the Salvation of Israel

Apr 19, 2021 | The Jesus Fast 2021

Video Transcription

Hello brothers and sisters, yesterday I shared the dream vision that Christy Brennt had, of Jesus being filled with great compassion for the world, because of 5 waves coming. A great world-wide pandemic, number one, a wave of loss, a wave of economic downturn, a wave of homelessness, and a wave of great social unrest. And in the vision she saw The Capitol being stormed, and the flag of America, the US, falling down for a season until it was lifted up again. And then in the vision she saw that the President of the United States was silenced. To me, that is pure, that is true prophecy, you’ve got to judge it. But if it’s true prophecy, the final word of that dream was, “It was then that the great evangelistic movements would begin to take place.” 

We’re in that day, that’s why we are fasting, like Jesus, who prepared the way His great apostolic evangelistic explosion, to the Jewish peoples, when the first awakening to the Jewish peoples ever took place. We feel we are in another day of an awakening to the Jewish peoples. We’re in that time. But that dream of the harvest. It’s America that’s the nations of the earth but the question is, is there a tipping point? There was a dream that came to Nava Niebur Murphy, a Jewish gal , messianic Jew, and she had this dream. And some dreams have sticking power. Some prophecies have sticking power. They just never leave you they haunt you, they hunt you down. For a whole year now this dream has hunted me down. In the dream she and I were in the upper room and the wind was blowing. This 40 day fast is ending at Pentecost Sunday. Could we be moving into an upper room reality? So amazing to me! Asher Intrator, my friend in Israel, apostolic messianic leader. Called me about this fast and with kindness and humility entreated me, “Lou, what if we call this fast not just March 1st through April 9, like we’ve done historically, But let’s do it the 14th of April to May 23rd, which is actually Pentecost Sunday. He said, “I just have this sense this year if we do it on the Jewish holidays, the times that Yeshua has actually set where He says, “I will visit you.” He says, “I think something may happen beyond what we can think or imagine. And I just felt like, “Yes! I am going to listen to my brother, Asher.”  And so we’ve said this, “What if this 40 days is to this upper room that Nava and I work together in this upper room with the wind blowing. And in the dream we were sitting across from one another at a table talking about what God is saying. And in the dream she realizes she is about ready to wake up out of the dream, and she has a word to deliver me and urgently she thinks I’ve got to get it to him before I wake up. 

And 3 times she says this, “You cannot see revival in America unless you first of all pray for the salvation of the Jews. Again she says, “You cannot see revival in America unless you first of all pray for the salvation of Israel.”

The third time she says the same thing and then she wakes up out of the dream. What’s stunning to me about Nava’s dream is she represents the Jewish people. She knows she is about to awake, but before she can awake she needs to deliver this message for the Ruth gentile church to pray for the salvation of Israel.

I am convinced in my heart when the church begins to pray for the salvation of Israel, the awakening of the Jewish people to Yeshua, their bridegroom God, it will take place. 

This dream has shocked me, it just keeps pursuing me. And I begin to ponder, is God shifting our heartbeat so that when we turn our prayers to Israel, those who bless Israel are blessed,. Those who pray for the peace of Jerusalem find their own peace. Those who pray for the harvest of the Jewish peoples will receive their own harvest. 

And recently while I was traveling, flying to speak with The Send leaders in that same meeting with Christy Brennt’s prophetic word. The Lord spoke to me, out of the book of Ruth, if you will glean in Israel’s field. In other words, she was gleaning, she was harvesting the fields of the Jewish people of Boaz, for Naomi, for the Jewish church. She was not looking for her own benefit, she was falling in love with the Jewish peoples and she was giving her life for the harvest of the Jewish peoples. Little did she realize that as a Moabite woman, a gentile, Ruth, she would begin to get multiplied blessing of harvest for herself, because she was moving with the apple of God’s eye. And the Lord spoke to me, “If you will glean in Boaz’s field, you’ll reap the full blessing of the harvest in the nations of the earth.”

I’m just saying brothers and sisters, just test this. It’s not like I don’t believe there is not going to be revival in other places of the earth. But I’m wondering if God is giving us a mega shift for the fullness of that blessing? Like in Romans chapter 11, verses 12 through 15, when the fullness of the Jewish people come in it will be like life from the dead to the gentiles. Global outpourings, global harvest. This is the paradigm that I am in and this dream gave me a paradigm shift in my own heart. And literally for these 40 days I am praying for the salvation of the Jews. I’m believing it will be a tipping point. You see, one thought from God, if obeyed, could literally shift everything. 

And maybe you’re thinking, well I don’t know about all this Lou. What if we simply opened our heart? God I want to feel your heart for the Jewish peoples. I want to feel your heart like Jesus felt when he was first with his disciples, those apostles, and He was going to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and His hear was moved with compassion when He saw the Jewish people broken to pieces, harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. He came out of that vision, He gathers the disciples and says the harvest is truly plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray. I command you to beg me, “pray the Lord of the Harvest to hurl forth laborers.” He says, “Don’t go to the gentiles. Go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 

Have you ever pondered what it might mean to Jesus if the gentile church begins to fulfill His original cry? He’s broken to pieces with compassion for His own people. 

I want to comfort the heart of Yeshua. I want him to feel as If, God, they are hearing my heartbeat for My own people, who at the end of the age, it will be the salvation of the Jews that bring forth the return of Yeshua, the return of Christ. Oh God, I pray that you would open our eyes to this tipping point. I pray for this 40 days, a global reaping in the Jewish field, and that it would loose a global harvest. Lord I’m asking for America, 80 million souls and 200,000 laborers. But we are asking God for intercessors, as Mike Bickle has called forth 100 million intercessors for the salvation of Israel. Release that even as I pray this right now, loose it in the global-Ruth church everywhere. Where men and women begin to sign up in the spirit realm I will be an intercessor for the salvation of Israel.

God, loose 100 million intercessors for the salvation of the Jews in Jesus name! Amen, wow!





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